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Tim Dauber vs. Kelly-Moore Paints: Birth of a Radio Advertising Campaign Antihero

A freelance copywriter sneaks in the front door.

tim dauber radio campaign spotsI approached Kelly-Moore directly because they were based in my home town and I thought I could create and produce better radio ad scripts than they were airing.

They had a little jingle tag:
“Kelly-Moore! We help you do it right. We’re the painter’s paint store!”

This was their thrilling conclusion to radio spots in which an announcer simply read off the week’s sale items and their prices. They ran the same list in newspapers. That pretty much tells you how much use they were making of radio as a medium.

They agreed to a meeting, liked me and my samples, and asked me to come up with something better.

There was a benefit or two suggested in their jingle tag, so I questioned them about that and it did turn out their store employees are quite knowledgeable and helpful and many professional painters buy Kelly-Moore.

Their jingle jangled my imagination.

So I kicked around several ideas that might communicate how helpful the folks at K-M are and how good their paint is. But I thought it would be fresher and more attention-getting to not just brag about their staff and products. I wanted to dramatize it.

And this led me to my first campaign based on an ongoing character, Tim Dauber.

Tim Dauber gets to acknowledge K-M’s benefits without being a shill or spokesman.


Tim Dauber’s secret to getting his way in life is to avoid K-M paint stores with their great advice and top quality paints.

When his wife wants her parents to come for a visit, he just keeps on miss-painting the guestroom with his lack of know-how and poor quality paint.

‘Oops, I’m so not sorry.’

He’s got an aptitude for using his painting ineptitude to get out of family vacations, selling the house, and anything else he wants to manipulate.

All he’s got to do is stay away from Kelly-Moore, or he’d have no excuse for the way things always go his way.

Here’s the first radio spot I scripted to set up the premise…

Tim Dauber’s Radio Debut:


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You can start to see how this is going to play out as Tim tries his worst to escape an impending family vacation…

Tim Dauber Lays It on Thick:

“A Dauber Family Vacation” 

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So now the campaign got rolling and I had to keep cooking up situations for Tim to cook up a way out of…All while pushing Kelly-Moore’s sound advice and great paint.  BTW, a 5-sceond tag at the end of each spot gave live announcers a chance to plug the paints on sale that week.

Wonder what would happen if Claire wanted to sell the house and Tim didn’t…

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And now, another radio spot you won’t be hearing from Dan Goldstein Copywriting Services…

radio ad script I will never produce

THICKE:        This is Ed Thicke.

DULL:            And Ted Dull.

THICKE:        With a message from the Monolith Brick Company.

DULL:           About strong, hard, rectangular…

THICKE:        Monolith Bricks.

DULL:           Ladies, Monolith Bricks are sturdy and reliable.

THICKE:        And now, with Monolith’s new expanded line of products,
you can get them in your choice of two beautiful designer shapes: Wide or Tall.

DULL:           Ed, I think the tall one is just a wide one standing on end.


THICKE:        So it is.  Well, I guess Monolith doesn’t offer all that much variety.
But aren’t there lots of great cosmetic and housekeeping uses for these hard, lifeless objects, Ted?

DULL:            Could be, Ed.  But we don’t really have to get into all that.

THICKE:        I guess that’s true.  Tell ‘em why, Ted.

DULL:           You see, ladies, the Monolith Brick Company has just placed such an obese media buy
that it hardly matters what we say.

THICKE:        We thought about just bluntly reading our marketing strategy at you—

DULL:            But we don’t even have to do that, let alone capture your imagination or sell you on the benefits,
if there are any, of Monolith Bricks.

THICKE:        No, all we have to do is keep hitting you with these boring brick commercials night and day
till you stagger off and buy some.

DULL:            And don’t even think about switching stations.

THICKE:        No, we’re on every station right now.

DULL:            And will be again every five minutes till we reach our sales goals.

THICKE:        So you see, ladies, it’s sort of a blackmail situation.

DULL:            And it’s truly in your own best interests to think up your own uses for Monolith Bricks.

THICKE:        We know you don’t want to hear from us.

DULL:            And we don’t particularly like to talk to you.

THICKE:        So what it really comes down to is—

DULL:            Buy us or we’ll bore you.

THICKE:        Say, that’d make a sell tagline, Ted.

DULL:           We don’t need one, Ed.


brick radio commercial script

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Being Just a Copywriter, I Had No Idea How Easy It Is to Write 30-second Radio Ad Scripts

I just learned from eHow that writing 30-second radio ad scripts is “deceptively easy.”

Well, I guess it is in the same way that attaining everlasting world peace is deceptively easy…

How to attain world peace: 

Simply gather every individual on the planet into a comfy room and convince everyone to see things through everyone else’s eyes.  A group hug seals the deal forever.

How to create 30-second radio ad scripts:

Just come up with a brilliant, compelling concept that dramatically conveys the listener’s problem and how the advertiser’s product solves it.

After that, all you have to do is animate your revelation with clever dialogue after you take a few minutes to develop a keen sense of humor and some verbal wit. Then start typing the 60 or so words that will naturally flow out of you.

Now ehow easy was that?  Writing great radio ad scripts may be a little more complicated than attaining everlasting world peace, but still, a piece of cake.

As a freelance copywriter, I only wish I’d realized all this sooner. I might have chosen an alternative career path, perhaps more in the direction of Best World Leader Ever.

Get the rest of the easy details here and plug this approach into every goal in your life…

How to Write a Script for a 30-Second Radio Spot

By an eHow Contributor
radio ad scripts how to30-second radio ad scripts tell a story—will your script make it one worth remembering?

Hey you! Wanna discover the incredibly simple secret to writing a script for a 30-second radio spot? What?! You’re asking me, “Why should I want to write effective scripts for 30-second radio spots?” Many consider 30-second radio spots the bread and butter of radio advertising. Most radio ad scripts play for 30 seconds. Longer ads lose the listener’s attention (or cause her to change the dial). Shorter ads don’t have the time to accomplish anything other than brand-name recognition. If you can write an effective script for a 30-second radio spot, advertisers, producers and businesses will come knocking at your creative door.
Read this article and you will uncover the deceptively easy and popular method to writing successful 30-second radio ad scripts. What is it? Simple, you just tell a story in 23 seconds. Here’s how…

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Listen to Award-Winning Radio Ad Scripts from the Brits

Fun radio ad scripts from across the pond and beyond.

Sometimes hearing what other creative sorts are scheming in the wider world can widen one’s sense of creative possibilities. When I say ‘wider world’ in the context of radio ad scripts, I’m sadly relegated to the English speaking world.I might be able to pick up a great idea from non-English print or television ads. But not radio.

So sit back and take in some great radio spots from around the English-speaking world to jolly well broaden your creative horizons and raise the bar for your own brand.

Click below to play some great radio commercials:

great radio commercial scripts and spots

Click here to go to great UK radio commercials

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What Makes for a Good Radio Advertising Campaign?

A good radio advertising campaign has legs.

This means the concept is strong enough to serve as the basis for several radio ad scripts that can deliver the same message without getting repetitious.

It’s also nice if the concept allows for a bit of latitude to emphasize related benefits from commercial to commercial.  So you have a theme, but you can expand upon it.

My radio advertising campaign will now sprout legs.

Here’s another radio spot advertising the same shopping center within the same campaign as the spot in the last post.  The first script took a guy’s point of view as he raced about town trying to duplicate the shopping expedition he could have undertaken with a lot less stress if he’d just gone to Del Monte Shopping Center.

The radio commercial below takes a mom’s point of view.  It stays firmly within the campaign. It completely supports the tagline: “A to Z with a simple A-to-B”   At the same time, the script deepens the benefit of doing all your shopping in one stop when you have kids in tow.

Del Monte Shopping Center – “The Kids”

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A Radio Spot that Sells the Idea of a Shopping Mall

As a copywriter and audio producer, I love pulling off a highly visual and compelling story with a monologue.

I wrote and produced this radio ad script for Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey, California.  But it’s a pretty universal message about why to do your shopping at the ad script

I realize that a spot that simply illustrates the conveniences of going to a shopping mall may not exactly be pushing a unique selling proposition.

This radio ad script served as more of a gentle reminder to harried consumers.

And the fun this radio commercial brought to the nudging hopefully added a sense of fun and friendliness to the particular shopping center lucky enough to be my client.

Here’s the spot:

Del Monte Shopping Center: “A to Z”

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