TV Commercial Script This Freelance Copywriter Wishes He’d Written. And Directed.

When it comes to copywriting services, here’s one great television commercial script.

I laughed the first time and every time I see this tv spot.

A solid, streamlined concept any decent freelance copywriter has to admire.

It’s a great, simple idea:

Show how high-definition and lifelike this Samsung smart phone’s screen is by having people freak completely out when a spider appears on it–to the point of screaming and fleeing the phone and summoning every last atom of manly courage to swat the phone into arachnid submission.

As a freelance copywriter, I wish I got brought in on more tv commercials with production values like this.

The direction and/or acting talent on this television commercial is also inspired. When Ms. Bizlunch sees the smart spider, her scream progresses through three stages of increasing horror as she fully, then more fully, and then completely realizes there’s a tarantula on the table.

Mr. Bizlunch Sr. swats the eight-legged innocent into submission, and then swats him again to make sure.  This is even more hilarious because he manages to let a certain shakiness come through his voice that communicates both how cool and collected he’s trying to appear and how much fear he had to overcome to swat the spider.

Slam dunk.freelance copywriter


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