Being Just a Copywriter, I Had No Idea How Easy It Is to Write 30-second Radio Ad Scripts

I just learned from eHow that writing 30-second radio ad scripts is “deceptively easy.”

Well, I guess it is in the same way that attaining everlasting world peace is deceptively easy…

How to attain world peace: 

Simply gather every individual on the planet into a comfy room and convince everyone to see things through everyone else’s eyes.  A group hug seals the deal forever.

How to create 30-second radio ad scripts:

Just come up with a brilliant, compelling concept that dramatically conveys the listener’s problem and how the advertiser’s product solves it.

After that, all you have to do is animate your revelation with clever dialogue after you take a few minutes to develop a keen sense of humor and some verbal wit. Then start typing the 60 or so words that will naturally flow out of you.

Now ehow easy was that?  Writing great radio ad scripts may be a little more complicated than attaining everlasting world peace, but still, a piece of cake.

As a freelance copywriter, I only wish I’d realized all this sooner. I might have chosen an alternative career path, perhaps more in the direction of Best World Leader Ever.

Get the rest of the easy details here and plug this approach into every goal in your life…

How to Write a Script for a 30-Second Radio Spot

By an eHow Contributor
radio ad scripts how to30-second radio ad scripts tell a story—will your script make it one worth remembering?

Hey you! Wanna discover the incredibly simple secret to writing a script for a 30-second radio spot? What?! You’re asking me, “Why should I want to write effective scripts for 30-second radio spots?” Many consider 30-second radio spots the bread and butter of radio advertising. Most radio ad scripts play for 30 seconds. Longer ads lose the listener’s attention (or cause her to change the dial). Shorter ads don’t have the time to accomplish anything other than brand-name recognition. If you can write an effective script for a 30-second radio spot, advertisers, producers and businesses will come knocking at your creative door.
Read this article and you will uncover the deceptively easy and popular method to writing successful 30-second radio ad scripts. What is it? Simple, you just tell a story in 23 seconds. Here’s how…

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