What Makes for a Good Radio Advertising Campaign?

A good radio advertising campaign has legs.

This means the concept is strong enough to serve as the basis for several radio ad scripts that can deliver the same message without getting repetitious.

It’s also nice if the concept allows for a bit of latitude to emphasize related benefits from commercial to commercial.  So you have a theme, but you can expand upon it.

My radio advertising campaign will now sprout legs.

Here’s another radio spot advertising the same shopping center within the same campaign as the spot in the last post.  The first script took a guy’s point of view as he raced about town trying to duplicate the shopping expedition he could have undertaken with a lot less stress if he’d just gone to Del Monte Shopping Center.

The radio commercial below takes a mom’s point of view.  It stays firmly within the campaign. It completely supports the tagline: “A to Z with a simple A-to-B”   At the same time, the script deepens the benefit of doing all your shopping in one stop when you have kids in tow.

Del Monte Shopping Center – “The Kids”

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